Q: I have logged in to the University's VPN but I cannot access library resources.


The UNSW VPN is configured to provide access to on-campus infrastructure such as shared drives.  It does not provide access to the Library's externally hosted electronic books, journals or databases.

Even if you are logged into the University's VPN, as soon as you use Google or another search engine to find library resources, you will be 'off campus'.

When off campus, the only way to access library resources is by using your own ISP and the library's search interface.   

You will be prompted to authenticate using a current valid zID and zPass in a Login window.

So long as you keep your browser open, you will remain logged in to library resources.  If you close your browser, you will again be presented with the Library's login page.

If you begin your search via the Library's interface, using the University VPN, you will be 'recognised' initially as being on campus, but the external vendor will not see you as being on UNSW's campus, and will deny access.

Last Updated: Oct 08, 2015

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