Q: Locating the available Military History videos via the Kanopy Streaming service


All UNSW acquired titles in the Kanopy streaming service can be searched for, by individual Title, in the UNSW SearchGateway (Library catalogue).

But there is a way of bringing up all the UNSW acquired military history titles, together, in one big list:

2. Go to the SearchGateway (Library catalogue), click the link to "Databases"

3. Find the link for Kanopy Streaming Films (under 'K' in the list)

4. Click on the link

5. Move and hover the cursor over "Subject" (top left hand corner of the screen)

4. Select "Social Sciences" > "History - Military "

5. Click the "History - Military " link

6. A list of 300+ titles will display here (all acquired by UNSW Canberra) - all of these are immediately available to watch by simply clicking on the image.

Last Updated: Jan 31, 2019

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